The debate on divorce and marriage breakdown continues as over the weekend Sir Paul Coleridge courted more controversy with his view that married couples should get generous tax benefits the longer they are together.

It is important to remember that in the UK there is a growing number of long term co-habiting couples who do not have any legal rights and who would not receive any benefits under such a scheme. This developing area of law is receiving a lot of scrutiny both amongst the legal community and the media, definitely one to watch!

{ Sir Paul, who retired as a full-time High Court family judge last year but who remains active on the bench, said: ‘Why not give people an incentive? People would know that if they were together for five years their tax allowances would get bigger, and it would get bigger still after ten years. ‘Couples who were on the point of breaking up would think that if they could stick it out for another two years or so there would be money in it for them.’ }