Research released yesterday by Managing Partner magazine revealed that more than half of 144 law firms questioned believe technology will have an impact on how successful law firms are in the next three to five years.

Whilst the evidence is clear that technology is vital to law firms success in the future, the survey also showed that many lawyers aren't easily persuaded to use it. So why is this? According to the report, fear is the biggest deterrent. Which is understandable. But as I explain why training lawyers on social media - any new tech - whether its their new smartphone or ipad - is unknown at first. If you are willing to spend an initial amount of time learning how to use it - and take advantage of the training that is (often) available - the added value and efficiency becomes clear quickly.

And this is not to say all lawyers are technophobes - not at all. There are many who embrace and take advantage of the benefits that technology has to offer them - and their clients. And those that do, will be ahead of the curve and competitiors.