The news today that Sonia Pereiro-Mendez has reached a settlement with her former employer, Goldman Sachs ahead of a tribunal case on discrimination, must be welcome by both sides.

The avoidance of a costly and emotionally draining hearing can make settlement an attractive option, but what about the remaining reputational impact?

The details of the settlement remain confidential, but Goldman Sachs will be conscious of its perception by the public and other employees.

When potentially damaging allegations are aired, any company would be keen to garner more positive headlines. Companies are eager to ensure that a reputation as a fair and diverse employer remains untarnished. To achieve this, internal and external communications, for example promoting company diversity statistics or policies - are vital.

As William Shakespeare wrote in an insight which holds true today, reputation is the "purest treasure". Businesses and individuals must hang on and enhance theirs especially in the aftermath of a settlement.