Estates Gazette this week reported on Knight Frank’s Global Cities Skyscraper Report 2015. It revealed a resurgence in North America of skyscraper occupants, particularly those from tech and digital companies in New York and San Francisco.

While the UK market still holds swathes of tech firms in industrial warehouse style buildings in East London, it is likely to be the next city to see this shift. The report highlighted that, ‘Young start-ups are suited to chic warehouses, but when they get bigger, warehouses are not as suitable to run a large company from. As these firms become more serious they may need something more impressive.’ We could now see buildings like the Shard, or the Walkie Talkie in the City of London attracting more and more successful tech companies.

However, start-ups will not occupy a skyscraper for the sake of it, it will need to be flexible and future buildings should bare this in mind when designing for the next generation of innovative companies.