The topic of Brexit is dominating the headlines and is a key issue for many law firms' clients and colleagues.

As such, there is potential for conflict between the individual’s right to comment on “ in versus out” and their firm’s particular stance on the UK’s EU Referendum.

This was seen yesterday with Boris Johnson's memo instructing his senior staff to back him over the EU referendum,  and earlier this week with the resignation of the former head of the British Chambers of Commerce, John Longworth, following comments he made about Europe. 

As a firm you may wish to take a particular stance on Brexit, remain apolitical, comment widely or keep your comments to a minimum.

No matter what your position, as these scenarios show, it is important to agree your firm’s viewpoint and have the communication tools to adopt a consistent approach.

Accordingly, we recommend that you undertake a short Brexit messaging workshop to agree and clarify your firm’s narrative in relation to this important debate.

This will enable your firm to be prepared and not wrong footed when asked this vital question.