Facebook has been accused this week of suppressing the types of news stories that appear on its site.

It centres around the 'trending topics' box which gathers all the popular articles of the day - similar to trending hashtags on Twitter. This is viewed by as many as one in six of the world's population every day. A report this week alleged conservative stories were edited out of the box with a bias attitude to right wing news outlets. 

This has raised interesting questions about the role Facebook has adopted in users lives. It is no longer simply a social media platform, people use it as their news source and as a way to share news rather than simply checking in with friends. 

Facebook must be aware of the need to promote inclusion and of its brand as a 'social network' linking people of all types, so these revelations could be damaging to its reputation. As a global company reaching so many of the world's population there is a huge responsibility to promote fairness and equal opportunity for all viewpoints.