This week is ‘Social Media Week London’, so what better time than now to broaden your foray into social media? If you have been planning to start a blog or open a Twitter account – don’t hesitate, do it today.

Lawyers often ask: what is the point of social media? What benefits does it bring? The simple answer to these questions is one word: engagement. Your clients, potential clients, peers and competitors are creating dialogue and sharing content in this free online sphere. Simply put, you could be missing out on opportunities by not actively engaging and being a part of this huge network.

Social media is an important tool and when used effectively, should underpin and support all of your marketing, business development and public relations initiatives. As an expert, you can use your wealth of experience to create original, fresh content that begins a conversation that perhaps wouldn’t have taken place otherwise. It really can be as simple as sharing an article in a business group on LinkedIn or commenting on a Twitter post from a key client.

Social media can create new opportunities, build your personal profile and increase search engine optimisation. In a world that’s actively moving everything online, from driverless vehicles to the delivery of food, you cannot afford not to be engaged. Plus, who knows, you might even become a social media guru!