What is the future of the workforce? With new technology - particularly the use of artificial intelligence - predicted to become the norm in the upcoming decades and employees increasingly demanding more flexible working how will the world of work change?

Leading experts predict that businesses will need to be more innovative than ever to keep up - and this includes law firms.

We highlighted this in our latest report Recruitment to Robots: growth strategies for law firms. We found that the the Top 200 law firms in the UK are choosing technology investment as one of their top two methods for ensuring growth. 

The panel at the Guardian event in this article predicted a move away from working for a pay packet and that there will be less jobs and more and more automated services. Whether this will be a good thing remains to be seen.

For the future legal market we are likely to see further specialisation, with technology taking over and managing the more routine legal work. Request a copy of our report here: http://www.byfieldconsultancy.com/2016/09/from-recruitment-to-robots-growth-strategies-for-law-firms/