Technology in 2017 is changing rapidly and this year we are set to see huge changes. Will the law keep up with the pace?

A continuous theme of 2016 that looks set to ramp up in 2017 is cybersecurity. It has long been reported that businesses are not giving this the attention it requires and that hackers have increased their abilities at a rate that is far in advance of protections against them. 

The manipulation of the internet of things and AI is likely to lead to hacks becoming more sophisticated and human-like in their approach, which means that a greater number of people will fall victim to them. 

Another emerging theme is automation of services, which may be the beginning of huge cuts to the jobs available for people worldwide. Many legal services have already received a digital makeover, and various automated legal services are springing up, including the new robot lawyer LISA and a chatbot to help fight parking ticket fines.

There are exciting developments too. For consumers and businesses it is predicted that augmented and virtual reality will spread from solely being within the gaming sphere to marketing opportunities for retailers and car makers, allowing consumers to visualise how a product will look.

2017 looks to provide steep challenges but also incredible innovation.