Social media is a vital tool for any business – there’s no escaping that fact. When done well it can help you connect with a potential audience of over 2 billion users, but when it’s done badly…

We can all think of examples of poorly managed social media; whether it’s badly planned, badly structured, or badly executed, bad social media can do your brand more harm than good.

So how do you make sure you don’t fall foul to this? There are three simple rules to follow – be strategic, be accurate and be interactive.

1. Be Strategic

Like all aspects of your business, a good strategy is key to a successful campaign. Map out your objectives, your key messages, and the frequency of your posts.

Firstly, be clear what you want your campaign to achieve; do you want to raise awareness of your firm? Do you want to use social media as another channel for client relationship management? Whatever your goal you must be clear of it from the onset.

Next define what your messages are – what do you want to say, who do you want to speak to, how often and when. These are all questions you need to ask yourself when crafting your strategy. Your social media should always have a clear purpose and these questions will help you define that.

2. Be Accurate

This is important – check your work.

Check everything from spelling, to links, to imagery, to your hashtags, making sure that they don’t lead to content you wouldn’t want your brand associated with.

This is a simple step but unfortunately this is where many firms fall down. By not checking your content you are leaving your firm susceptible to potential brand damage.

When you schedule your posts build in a few minutes to allow yourself time to proof-read and check your content.

3. Be Interactive

Have you ever wondered why participants of social media are called users and not readers?

This is because social media is a two-way conversation; just as users will read what you post online, they are equally likely to comment – be a part of this conversation.

If a user replies to one of your posts with something of value (i.e. not spam), then acknowledge this. It can be something as simple as liking their comment, or even just replying to it.

By building a rapport with users you are strengthening that client and firm bond, with clients placing more trust in your brand.

These are just some of the factors you need to consider when designing your social media campaign. There are many other tips and tricks to consider that can give you that competitive edge, and we at Byfield Consultancy are more than happy to help.