The House of Lords Communications Committee has today delivered its report on the state of digital advertising in the UK.

The report, entitled UK Advertising in a Digital Age, has found that advertising has contributed £120bn to the UK economy and supported over a million jobs. However, the report has also called for greater industry regulation to cut down on obtrusive practices such as clickbaiting. 

The report highlighted that a lack of regulation has led to users being bombarded with clickbaiting content, which may not only compromise the user’s data, but also creates a distrust in the industry as a whole.

This raises an interesting issue for firms looking to engage with online content – if users are beginning to distrust the content they see online, what purpose does digital marketing serve? 

The key is the quality of the content you are producing. All of your content marketing, including digital advertising, must offer a clear purpose / advantage for the user; whether this is an insight into a particular subject matter, firm news, or even a service, you need to offer the user a reason to clickthrough and ensure that you deliver on that promise. 

This can be further reinforced by supporting your content strategy with a thorough social media strategy. Use your social media channels to not only promote your content, but also position yourself as an authority on your subject area. By doing this, your clients will place more value in the content you produce. 

Whether this report leads to further regulation or not remains to be seen, but what is clear at this moment, is that digital adverting and content aren’t going anywhere, and firms need to ensure they are producing quality content to stand out from the crowd.