Recently I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to intern at Byfield Consultancy. I had just finished one internship in Bristol and was now headed to London for another. I wasn’t too nervous to begin with - I had done a handful of internships in the past with various PR and marketing agencies, and the correspondence I had with the Byfield team was nothing but welcoming. 

From the first day I was fully immersed in Byfield’s work by assisting the team on tasks such as media monitoring and news roundups, which helped me better understand the legal and litigation work that Byfield Consultancy does. I was able to shadow various members of the team on their day-to-day work and projects, with Tsuey as my mentor teaching me about the legal PR sectoritself.

Eventually, I was given the opportunity to be involved in some litigation and reputation management work thanks to the senior management team, who noticed my interest in that area- this was incredibly benevolent of them and very exciting for me an intern. I carried out research on various topics and case studies, attended internal meetings and issued documents contributing to these big projects. 

The Byfield Consultancy team are incredibly close-knit; working together as a team, the entire office comes together each morning to discuss each other’s progress in projects and the plans for the day ahead. In these activities, I was actively involved and my ideas were always encouraged.

There are many reasons that fellow interns and students should apply for an internship at Byfield Consultancy, but perhaps the main reason is to feel part of something bigger where you will learn and contribute. Byfield Consultancy is a leading agency and will certainly welcome you. I hope to work with the team again in the future and will be recommending their work to my network and any fellow interns seeking experience in PR. 

Olivia Evans