When writing a press release people often have one key point in mind that they want to get across – a new significant hire, a client or panel tender win, or the successful outcome of a case. Whilst, of course, you do want to clearly communicate this success it is vital that you do not forget to continue to develop a narrative for the firm.

Firmwide narrative

Each press release should be written with the firmwide messaging at the front of mind – how does this announcement fit in within the firm’s business plan? What is the fundamental reasoning behind this announcement? Although it may not be appropriate to explicitly communicate this, the language used can ensure that the firm’s key messages can be drawn from the press release. Furthermore, if each press release produced by a firm follows a consistent narrative, this ensures that the media and your target audience – be that current clients, potential clients, referrers or even peers – are able to form a clear picture of the firm’s offering, values and position in the market.

Consistency is key

Narratives should ultimately stem from a firm’s business plan – what is the firm’s ultimate goal? Although this may seem rather “blue sky thinking” if you are looking to make a rather small announcement it all forms part of a bigger picture. This bigger picture thinking is key in establishing successful media relations for your firm.