Working in tandem with other traditional forms of marketing such as PR and advertising, content marketing can help a firm engage with it clients, and strengthen a brand’s reputation.

However, for a content marketing campaign to be succesful you must ensure it is implemented alongside the rest of your firm’s marketing.

Below are a few rules to abide by to ensure a successful content marketing campaign.

Understand the purpose of your content

Before engaging in any content marketing, you must be clear about its purpose. You must know what each piece of content is aiming to say, who your audience is and what you ultimately want them to do.

Go through each piece of content you've planned with those questions at the forefront of your thoughts; if you are unable to answer these then review why you are engaging with this content. It may be superfluous, in which case you can redirect resources to other marketing channels.

Ensure stakeholder buy-in

Content marketing can be resource heavy; while it may not be a weighty financial investment, it can take up a substantial amount of not just your time but also other staff’s time. Therefore, you have to ensure stakeholder buy-in from an early point.

Your stakeholders must have a clear understanding of why the firm is engaging with content marketing, highlighting the benefits and advantages when aligned with other traditional forms of marketing.

Ensure regularity

To ensure engagement from your audience create a regular posting pattern. For example, if you’ve noticed that users engage with your content at 2pm on a Tuesday, then set that as your publication date.

Setting a regular publication date will help build up your audience, as they will know when to expect to receive your content.

Be aware of your competitors and the zeitgeist

Your clients will not just be reading your content, but will also be reading that of your competitors. If they have an interest in a certain theme or topic, it is high likely that they are engaging with multiple pieces of content based on that topic.

You should read around your subject, ensuring that you are offering a new perspective – if you are simply reiterating what has already been said then your content will have less impact.

You should also be aware of what is trending on social media, as you may be able to hook your content into this. For example, if it is Divorce Day, and you have previously written an article on this, then share it across your social media channels using the trending hashtag.

These are just a few rules that will help ensure a successful implementation of your content marketing campaign.

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