Mirovia has been launched today as the first international alliance of specialist legal PR and communications agencies. The new alliance has been founded by leading European consultancies Byfield Consultancy (Byfield) in the UK, Eliott & Markus (E&M) in France, Eye Communications in Germany and Valletta Relazioni Pubbliche in Italy. New partner agencies across the globe are due to join Mirovia in the next 6–12 months.

Mirovia is the first global PR and communications alliance to provide marketing services to legal sector clients who require dedicated support on a multi-jurisdictional basis. Mirovia will also provide law firms and their clients with crisis PR and litigation PR services on a multi-jurisdictional basis. A key benefit of the alliance is that it will allow each agency to pool their respective strengths to legal sector clients’ advantage internationally – including each agency’s expertise in local markets as well as each’s broad range of client services, including:

  • Media relations;
  • Litigation and crisis PR;
  • Digital marketing, including social media and content marketing;
  • Branding and design;
  • Thought leadership and white paper creation and marketing; and
  • Business development and marketing strategy  

The launch of Mirovia comes at a significant moment for the global legal sector.  The importance of brand recognition and a strong reputation are becoming major factors in the business success of modern law firms operating internationally. And this is against a backdrop of challenges including Brexit, increased competition and regulation, market consolidation, legal tech and alternative service providers.

One key service Mirovia will build on is its capability to handle crises for law firms across borders in areas such as data or cyber breaches, MeToo investigations and client misdemeanours. Additionally, Mirovia offers litigation PR services to law firms and their clients involved in high-profile cross-border disputes.

Recognised legal PR specialists in their respective jurisdictions, Byfield, E&M, Eye Communications and Valletta already work together on a number of cross-border mandates and as an extension to in-house marketing teams, including for US law firms looking to enhance their profile and establish a presence across Europe as well as new markets and regions.

With their shared common values and similar workplace cultures, all partners place great importance on striving for excellence in client work and their service offering. By adopting an integrated ‘without borders’ approach, partner agencies are able to foster creativity, share ideas and thought leadership and bring local and global legal sector knowledge to their clients.

Gus Sellitto, Managing Director of Byfield, commented: “We are delighted to be a founder member of Mirovia and to launch the first dedicated alliance of specialist PR and communications agencies who have come together to offer law firms a fully integrated approach to their cross border communications needs.  Our experience shows that law firms need specialist support from local agencies with a global outlook and global capabilities.  This is exactly what Mirovia offers and, unlike other networks, a key requirement for Mirovia membership is significant expertise of working with legal sector clients.                         

Over the coming months we look forward to cementing and then forging our alliance by welcoming new members to Mirovia from key jurisdictions.” 

Find out more about Mirovia here.